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Aftab B Channa Condemns UBL action against retrenched employees


Aftab Ahmed B Channa Advocate High court Human Rights Activists of Pakistan Condemn the illegal Activites/action Against retrenched employees United bank Limited Pakistan.

United Bank Limited was forcibly retrenched employee of UBL in 1997 in Govt of (Nawaz Sharif) after that no pension benefit issued by the all retrenched employee, after that retrenched employees going and submit pentition aginst illlegal order of United Bank Limited in presence of Hon”ble Chief Justice of Pakistan Saqib Nisar Sahab was entertained petition and issue order to pay minimum pension Rs. 8000/- to every retrenched employee of United Bank and other bank.

After that United Bank was disbursed the pension amount Rupees 8000/- in between the employees of Untied bank Limited with 5% increase, after one year UBL mala fidely reduse / minus fifty% pension of the retrenched employees  as Rupess. 4,200/- half pension credited in account of the employees of pensioner of UBL, this order was against the fundamental rights of the Pakistan Violation of Law.

Meanwhile retrenched UBL pensioner again going and submitted Contemped application before Hon”ble Supreme Court of Pakistan, Hon”ble Supreme Court was passed same order @ Rs. 8000/- and issue strictly order to UBL pay pension Rupees of 8000/- as per pervious order of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

UBL was start with Rupees. 8400/-, but inbetween of 7 Months period defference pension amount not credited in pensioner accounts till to date now.

Advocate Aftab Channa condemn the malafidly deduction in accout of pensioner, i advice the UBL immediately pay, credited remaining 7 month half pension amount, due to corona virus all families are suffering lot of issues.

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