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Razzaq Abad habitants stage protest against non supply of Ration


Residents of Razzaq Abad held protesting demonstration against the non supply of Ration at main market of Razzaq Abad led by Iqbal Kalmaty, Muhammad Yousuf Kalmaty, Abdul Jabar Gabol, Sultan Shah, Nabi Bukhsh Sheikh and others in which political, social leaders, daily wages workers and residents of area participated in a large number here on yesterday.

Demonstrators hailed severe slogans against local administration and area’s elected representatives.

On that occasion Iqbal Kalmaty, Muhammad Yousuf Kalmaty, Nabi Bukhsh Sheikh and others addressed to the participants of protesting demonstration that Ration has been distributed 4 time at Razzaq Abad but all 4 time daily wages workers and poor people were neglected in the ration distribution which is painful.
They said that ration distributers piled up ration on the basis of favoritism and it was provided to those who were not eligible and deserving.

They said that hunger has occurred in their homes and their children have cried out for bread so after being constrained they are remonstrating. They said that they have been staying at their homes from a month without any aid and support due to the declarative lock down.

They said if government can not fulfill promise of Ration provision at door step of daily wages workers, penurious and deserving then government should finish the lock down and permit them to go out and earn bread and butter for their family members.

They said expressing pity that area’s elected MPA Raja Abdul Razzaq and MNA Jam Abdul Karim and local government representatives remember them in election time but when they are in miserable and in trouble none of them is available to accomplish their needs.

They appealed Chief Minister of Sindh and other concerned authorities to provide them ration so as to kill their hunger otherwise they may die of hunger.

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