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Watan Parast Labour Union express concern over non-payment of KDA Workcharge Employees Salaries


Watan Parast Union KDA Patron in Chief Syed Imran Hussain Jafri in a  press statement demanded for the issuance of salary to the KDA Workcharge Employees and expressed serious concern over non-payment of monthly salaries.

He asked Minister Local Government Nasir Hussain Shah that, While considering the lockdown situation due to coronavirus government should issue salaries to workcharge employees.

Syed Imran stated that Workcharge employees are not getting salaries from the last two years and their verification process for regularization is also pending.

He urged Minister Local Government to take notice and complete the process of their regularization and also asked to lift ban on rehiring

He stated that Due to coronavirus whole country is lockdown and people in Karachi also facing severe financial crises like the others, so the management of KDA on human sympathy should issue salaries to the said, employees.

He demanded DG Karachi Development Authority Dr. Saif ur Rehman and Minister Local Government Syed Nasir Hussain Shah for the issuance of salary to workcharge employees and also asked for the completion of physical verification of said employees on a priority basis.

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