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Non Payment of Tuition fee; Private Institutions body in Sindh hints for closure of schools


Private educational institutes in sindh would shutdown if parents will not pay tuition fees, as it is their only source of income, said  Syed Tariq Shah Chairman All Private Schools Management Association (APSMA) Sindh.

Whereas He also demanded the federal government to grant interest-free loans to private educational institutes to enable them to overcome the current economic crisis by temporarily meeting their expenditures.

Chairman APSMA informed that the association has decided to pay full salaries to the teachers without any deduction and in case of non-compliance of association’s decision teachers could register their complain at Email: .

However, he shared that APSMA has around 5500 members private educational institutes in all over Sindh.

Moreover, Syed Tariq urged parents for payment of tuition fee on every month so that private institutions would not face financial crisis and could be able to bear the expenses.

Further he added that it would be very difficult for the private educational institutes to survive in such crisis situations.

He hinted for the possibility of unemployment of staff, and also the future of millions of students feared to be at risk because tuition fee is the only source of income for institutions.

Syed Tariq Shah advised the private school administrations to provide a payment solution in terms of the easy installments for those parents who are unable to pay tuition fees on a monthly basis due to severe economic constraints.

He also demanded the Federal Government to provide interest-free loans to private educational institutes to overcome in the recent financial crisis that occurred due to the lockdown in country.

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