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Anti-encroacment police raids on ancient village of Malir


People are bound to stay their homes due to the lock down throughout country but on the other hand anti-encroachment personnel attacked on ancient Usman Khaskheli village in the jurisdiction of PS Shah Lateef on the bank of Malir river and ruined many houses by bulldozer here in yesterday.

Villagers resisted them strictly with women and children and sat down before bulldozer and raised stern slogans against influential builder Mafia, after that anti-encroachment police personnel made off with bulldozer threatening villagers and said that they will come again.

In this respect habitants of village Punhal Malay, Darya Khan, Hamza Malah, Mumtaz Malah and others talked with media men and said that Influential builder Shaukat and Kashif have spoiled the life of villagers and they raid upon village daily on the name of encroachment with anti-encroachment personnel and bulldozer.

They further told that police raided on their village without any legal notice even on the other hand whole country is in war with coronavirus.

They said that they have been living from 40 years in Usman Khaskheli village which is registered on the name of Sindh Goth Abad scheme by Sindh Government but at present they are out of their homes.

They appealed from Sindh Government to have immediate action against influential people and provide safety to habitants of Usman Khaskheli village from land mafia.

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