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ATP Chairman stressed for Coordinated, collective strategy to combat with coronavirus


The Amun Taraqqi Party (ATP) Chairman, Muhammad Faiq Shah has stressed the need for coordinated and collective strategy in all four provinces, including Gilgit Baltistan and Azad Kashmir to fight against the coronavirus pandemic.

ATP chief in a statement issued here on Saturday, said chief ministers (CMs) of the all four provinces as well as representatives of Gilgit Balistan and Azad Kashmir should attend Prime Minister news briefing regarding government initiatives in order to immediate prevent issues, hindering efforts to contain coronavirus in the whole country.

The party leader said relief and patients’ medical treatment, besides their protection is dire need of hour amid prevailing situations. He strongly condemned the death of a patient, suffered by coronavirus in Memo Hospital Lahore, demanding an impartial investigation into the incident.

Faiq Shah observed the masses are being faced with difficulties due to persistent lockdown and restrictions in different parts of the country and called upon the federal and provincial governments to devise a joint strategy to mitigate the sufferings of people and prevent from arising any crisis situation.

ATP Chairman demanded of the government to announce special incentives and to take protective initiatives for doctors, paramedical staffs, armed, police force, volunteers and cleanliness workers and others, who have played a frontline role against the coronavirus pandemic.

The party leader asked the office bearers, activists and workers to identify issues by jointly working with local community and offer volunteer services. He praised the services and efforts of ATP workers in Baluchistan for containing the spread of coronavirus in the province. He said his party has launched a proactively awareness campaign against coronavirus and playing role a forefront role in the current scenario.

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