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Combating Coronavirus: Fumigation drive continue in District by DMC East


Anti-Bacterial fumigation and sanitization drive in the district east is ongoing by the efforts of District Municipal Corporation-DMC East and the department is fumigating four Union Committees on a daily basis.

City News learned that to clean the environment from coronavirus and other bacteria, DMC East team under the supervision of Chairman DMC East Moid Anwer and Municipal Commissioner Waseem Mustafa Soomro, fumigating religious places, offices including different places of areas with special antibacterial chemicals.

A Press Statement issued by DMC East Stated that on Friday the fumigation process is done at UC 3,4,19 and 20 where they had fumigated Faizan e Madina including various mosques and public places.

Speaking with Media Municipal Commissioner East stated that by the efforts of Sindh Government and DMC East fumigation process is ongoing to clean the district form Coronavirus including other bacterias.

He urged citizens to stay at home and don’t go outside without any reason as the ratio of coronavirus infected persons would rise if citizens will go outside.

Waseem Mustafa Soomro shared that the Law Enforcement Personals also face difficulty when citizens violate the orders of lockdown. These steps are taken by the provincial government for the safety of citizens, he added.

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