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Habitant of Sabo Gabol village face water shortage issue


Serious Water shortage problem occured at Sabo Gabol Goth of UC Pipri because of that villagers became coerced to come out from their houses in lock down situation.

Women and children came out in a great number having water pots on their heads for the search of drinking water.

In this respect social worker Warial Khan Gabol and others talked with journalists and uttered that Sabo Gabol village consists on more than 200 houses where all the habitants are deprived from all fundamental facilities from years.

They further said that work of water line was approved 6 month before by District Council Karachi which has not been accomplished yet, contractor has left his work in the halve and vanished away.

More over they said that they have one side Coronavirus fear and lock down and on the other hand shortage of water which have made life disturbed.

They demanded from DCK chairman and other concerned authorities to make possible the provision of drinking water on immediate basis.

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