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Ibrahim Haidery police makes failure smuggling of noxious betel nuts


Police Station Ibrahim Haidery police had execution against smugllers and made failure the smuggling of 15 sacks of noxious betelnuts which were being smuggled from Ibrahim Haidery towards Garo by boat and arrested 2 brothers Essa and Khair Muhammad.

In this respect police talked with media men that Idress Khaskheli and Aziz Khaskheli who were supplying betelnuts to Roshan Khaskheli from Ibrahim Haidery using sea route by his workers.

Habitants of area said that due to the ban in China on the export of Shrimps people of Chashma village have become jobless from 2 months and being a coerced they have been stuck under the clutch of Roshan Shah who belongs to Thatta and Aziz Khaskheli and Idress Khaskheli from Karachi.Essa and his brother Khair Muhammad who were in the custody of police said that betelnuts are of Roshan, Aziz and Idress so they are stuck in place of them.

Residents blamed and said that mentioned three men are raising their bank balance utilizing penurious and helpless peoples and they have given bribe of 2 lacs for the dismissal of their names from FIR

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