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Director Finance alleged corruption ;DG Colleges decides for enquiry


A budget of more than 1 million was reportedly released on behalf of fuel of vehicle from Sindh Government, Out of which 1 lac 20 thousand were released to the directors of DG Office.

Sources informed that, Director Finance Saleh Abbas allegedly does not have record of amount .DG Hameed Channa in a meeting expresses his concern on Director Finance Saleh Abbas that This year 32 Lacs Budget was released so where and how this money spent ? To which the said officer replied that he had organised two seminars, in which he spent the said amount on the head of food for all the principals of Karachi.

On the said reply from the officer, DG reportedly showed concern and according to Source After the consultation of Secretary colleges DG will send the case to Anti Corruption Establishment for further enquiry .

Additionaly DG Office sources said that Rs 2 lakh of uniforms have also been allocated for the employees of the DG office from 1st grade to 4th grade, but the said officer have no record where the amount spent because no employee get uniform.

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