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Kashmir in Besiege


By: Sadia Butt

Waiting for your turn in any of situation generally painful but during the blessed journey, I enjoyed waiting for opening the gate of Riaz-ul- Junnah I really feel good to see all the Muslim women all around the world to sit together.

All are offering prayers together without showing any displeasure on the difference of sect, nationality, race or class. How beautiful those moments of life when all together praise Allah in Masjid Nabvi and  Kabba.Both places are the platforms where the garland of all Muslim nation lightened with all might. Muslim women in different attire communicate with each other in different ways.

The best way was the language of sign. I remember that I was very excited to offer prayers with the women who belong from Malaysia, India ,Iraqi,Syria; Afghanistan and of course was definitely a blessed journey for everyone. I was overjoyed to meet two elderly women from Indian occupied Kashmir as my ancestors belong to that region. I met first women from Srinagar.

Her name was Jah-ara who was well educated and speak fluently Urdu.  Second one was from rural area. But the old lady belong to rural Kashmir was very sad about the situation in her area.She knew very little Urdu so she spoke with difficulty but what I could understand that young boys were taken into custody during night raids. She explained about the Indian security forces atrocities. I and a women from Afghanistan consoled her. The old Kashmiri women in her teary voice asked us to pray for ease in for their miseries. I went for Umrah in January 2019 and at that time the situation Jammu and Kashmir was not satisfactory. The situation get that worse nobody had any clue.

Kashmiris families on both part of the border suffer a lot when they face communication and other issues to connect with their relative. Many like my father even now have no contact with their relatives as Indian forces make trouble on making contact. My father applied for Jammu Kashmir visa but was rejected. He wants to visit his forefathers’ home. It has been four decades that he has no contact with his paternal uncles and aunts and other relatives. The reason was the fear of Indian forces who threatened our relatives to face serious consequences even for making correspondence.

The recent attack on Indian Muslim in Delhi has debunked the real face of state sponsored aggression. What Kashmiris have been suffering for more than seven months of continuous surveillance, curfew and restrictions one can easily comprehend. It is not easy to deny so many inhumane acts which were shared widely on social media. International media also have highlighted the involvement of Indian Police in the Delhi violence. For instance, New York Times in its news analysis “In India, Modi’s Policies lit the fuse” reported some of the tragic incidents of Delhi violence in which police was also torturing Muslim community.

One reported incident was the widely surfaced video on internet of 27 the February .The news analysis reports, “In one especially disturbing incident filmed on video, police officers beat a group of badly wounded Muslim men and ordered them to sing national anthem as they begged for mercy. One man letter died.”

The Delhi law and order responsibility comes under the control of BJP central government therefore Minister of Home Affairs of state Amit Shah directly responsible for the failure of maintaining law and order as Police final authority was him.

So this is India capital city New Delhi where more than 40 people killed reportedly mostly Muslims. Muslims religious places like mosques, shrines and Holy Book Quran were burnt and destroyed by Hindutva mobs. Muslim homes, shops and other property were attacked and destroyed. Many Muslims homes were looted as Muslims families left their homes due to saffron terror. This is what we know through media especially from international media.

However,it is unnoticed what happened to Kashmiris who had no communication with the outer world for more than seven months of complete lockdown.How Indian occupied security forces have tortured Kashmiris by using draconian laws like Public Safety Act.

Everyone arrested under this act have gone under detention without trial of maximum two years. What Kashmiris have suffered one can be reckoned from Delhi violence. If Muslims in India are not safe despite screaming to be loyal to Indian constitution then how could Kashmiris be safe? From mob lynching capital Jharkund to New Delhi anti-Muslim and anti-Kashmiri narrative is being spread by RSS and BJP.Many young Muslim boys like Tabraiz Ansari and Kashmiri boy Basit Khan were lynched to death on this narrative. Muslim lynching has become favorite game of extremist Hindus.

 Modi won both the election on Hindu hate and prejudice policy against Muslims and neighboring country Pakistan. During his first term sign of current muscular chauvinistic  brand of Hinduism were seen as many  Muslim lynching incidents were happened.

But first term political campaign had few nationalist themes.Therefore some midlevel  politicians bigotry displays were seen but the narrative was not dominant.

However,Modi 2019 election campaign was directly based on Hindu nationalistic reconstructioning ideology.Modi not only used anti-Pakistan sentiment in the political campaigns of 2019 election but also in recent Delhi election for winning vote bank.

Modi led BJP administration fulfilled its promise of converting Babri mosque to Ram temple.The Ayodya carnage has been validated by Indian courts which are working under pressure of Modi government.

 Modi- Amit duo step by step implementing Hindutva agenda of turning secular India to Hindu state with Indian establishment support. Modi initiatives of passing anti-Muslims laws like Citizen Amendment act ,NPR ,and removal of article 370-A for revoking Jammu Kashmir special status  is the plan to change the demography of Muslims from all over India. The Hindu state which has no place for Muslims.

Modi administration and Indian establishment is on same page. It is evident that this is not a one day policy. Indian establishment is under the influence of Hindu chauvinist mindset for many years while Congress is not suitable for fulfilling the Hindu nationalist agenda as the party leadership is adherent to its founding father policy of secular India.

Indian establishment has been trying to follow the advice of Shimmon Peres to defeat UN resolutions on Kashmir. Shimmon Peres as a foreign minister of Israel suggested to India during his visit on May18,1993.He said, “ India should not be afraid or hesitate to populate Kashmir with people all over India. Only a demographic change in Kashmir can help India to claim it.”

Demography change in Kashmir has been in process. An intrigue can be noticed by the fact that during the years 2001–2011, the number of Hindus has grown considerably in both Leh and Kargil districts of Ladakh region. In Ladakh as a whole, the proportion of Hindus has risen from 6.2% in 2001 to 12.1% in 2011.

To change the demography of Jammu and Kashmir, other plans are also underway especially in the Kashmir Valley, where Muslims constitute more than 97% of the population. These include separate colonies for non-Kashmiri retired Indian Army officers and composite townships for Kashmiri Hindus.

On the pretext of these Israeli type settlements India intends to settle non-Kashmiris in Indian Occupied Kashmir. Under the industrial policy announced for the period 2016–2026, an outsider can get land on lease in occupied Kashmir for a period of 40 years. That is something the local Muslim population has long feared will change its demography, culture and way of life.

Kashmir has a long history of gross human rights violations and suspension of civil liberties. The decision of abrogating article 370 to be viewed against the backdrop of the history of a continual denial of rights and self-determination to Kashmiris. Human Rights groups have reported that in the last three decades, more than 100,000 have been killed, 10,000 disappearances, 8,000 unmarked mass graves, thousands of cases of torture and countless cases of rapes and sexual violence.

The extent of male disappearances has been so large that a new term “half-widows” has been coined for their wives who end up with no information of their husbands’ whereabouts

To defeat the purpose of UN resolutions as well as of the Kashmiris’ liberation struggle, India has resorted to different tactics. India militarily and politically has been failed to control Kashmir.  Changing the demographic composition of the state of Jammu and Kashmir is a key tactic to reduce the Muslim majority.

The 5th August  restrictions  imposed in J&K made it extremely difficult for Kashmir residents to access healthcare.According to media reports/

– 14,000 are illegally detained under PSA including minors.

– Indian armed forces in Kashmir were accused of violently beating civilians in several villages, after the region was stripped of its autonomy. Several villagers say they were beaten with sticks and cables and young boys and men given electric shocks on their body sensitive parts.

– With prolonged restrictions over the modes of communication in J&K, journalists could not perform their duties.

– Apple trade, one of the main fuels for Kashmir’s economy with revenue was hit severely.

Education being a fundamental right, suspended in the Valley for months.

Snatching basic human and political rights of people cannot bring peace and assimilate people into the ‘mainstream’, or win their hearts and minds. These attempts of claiming normalcy while violating several human rights is an attempt to cover up the truth and suffering of Kashmiris.

The Indian government has audaciously defied the basic norms and principles underpinning the concept of democracy and human freedom.International community has not taken any strict action as it takes against weak countries especially Muslim world and Islamic countries. For instance, countries like US has added Pakistan to her blacklist of countries that violate religious freedom in December.

However, India has been ignored where different religious minorities are oppressed on communal bases at the hands of BJP and RSS supported extremists Hindus.

On the other hand, we cannot blame western world of their dual standards for human rights as Muslim brother countries have adopted policy of mum against Hindutva brutalities just for the sake of financial interests. It was disturbing for any Muslim to see when entire Kashmir was being put in jail, Islamic states like UAE and Bahrain honored Indian Prime minister Modi with highest civilian award.

It is very sad to notice that before communal base law like CAA many Indian Muslim political and religious leaders were silent because it was assumed that Hindutva policy would be limited to Kashmiris. This apathy led Modi administration to further its agenda of Hindu nationalism without any strong opposition.

Lastly, decades have passed and Indian establishment has failed to control Kashmir by many shenanigans.  Kashmiris are resilient people, their voices cannot be shut through the tools like AFPSA,PSA and controlled media. Indian government and media is being claiming continuously about the normalcy in Kashmir valley but this false claim has been rejected in many international forums.

International community must take strong actions against India to stop her to change demography of Kashmir in the name of development as it is the complete violation of UN resolutions. Indian government atrocities can be justified from Modi Hindutva agenda.

Martin Luther King Jr. words reflect Modi administration oppression, He said once, “Never forget everything Hitler is doing in Germany was legal”. Kashmir is hanging fire ball issue between India and Pakistan but being Kashmiri I also now think that it’s not bilateral issue as India always uses her dominance to not talk to Pakistan over Kashmir.

The current lockdown situation can give a little empathy about Kashmiris miseries who have been under mental and physical torture for months.The global pandemic Covid-19 has also hit the Kashmir region. So it is a high time that international community do something before it’s too late. W

  1. Hafsa says

    Writer described accurate situation going in occupied Kashmir… Modi’s policies clearly seen in this writing, it’s already too late to get into this issue internationally, now it has to be solve as soon as possible otherwise there will be no Muslim left in “secular india”
    Well done Sadia

  2. Maria Butt says

    It’s a great analysis which is exposing Indian prime minister Modi Anti Muslim Agenda of changing the demography of Kashmir.It has truly highlighted BJP and RSS government is inhumane acts.

  3. Tabasum Fatima says

    Superb work. Very well written. World must understand the situation of Indian Muslims.

  4. Irfan Ali Taji says

    We need to be United first as a Nation. We are divided on all levels by provinces, cast, creed.

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