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Pakistani Christian Mother and Daughter received Award in games


By: Mr. Kashif Anthony

A Christian Mother (Mrs. Rashida Gill) and her 11 years old elder Daughter (Rose Maria Gill) from Karachi received Inspiring Women Award 2020 in games, on March 10, 2020 in a ceremony organized by Rotary Club Karachi at Pakistan American Cultural Centre (PACC) Karachi.

Both are related to the field of sports, and it’s in the history of Pakistan that a Christian mother and daughter are both selected for this award at one stage.

Rose Maria Gill only just 13 years of age right now and she did a great job for Christianity, her country and her family, being a Christian she feel proud and honor that she received this award in her life.

few years back the daughter (Rose Maria Gill)won two gold medals for the country in yoga intwo different sports events in Malaysia (December 2017) and in Nepal (May 2018) and she becomes the youngest gold medalist twice on international level for Pakistan in the sport of yoga.

Talking to City news Rose said: I was very much happy to receive and see the written invitation letter from the management of rotary club Karachi and definitely it was a pride moment for me that I was invited by the club to receive Inspiring Women Award 2020 on March 10, 2020.

Rose is student class 8th incity’s well-known and prominent in the field of education Convent of Jesus and Mary School Clifton School Karachi.

Rose started her career as a sports woman in 2016 from her school and just after a yearat the age of 11 she got a chance to participatefrom Pakistan in ‘Student Olympic Asian Games’ 2017-2018 held in Johar Baru, Malaysia, to representing Pakistan and it was the first time ever that Pakistan was participated in Student Olympic Asian Games, and she won the gold medal for Pakistan.

Few months later in May 2018 she got another chance to participate in ‘South Asian Yoga Championship’ in Nepal and again represented Pakistan and won the gold medal for Pakistan, among five other countries players of under 14 she won this title for the country.

Before the yoga competition in the event daily she had tough and hard training sessions even for two hours she was stuck in a single step of yoga.It looks inflexible and challenging for me but with the spirit of high my country’s name I did it.

Yes of course it was a great honor for me to achieve these milestones for my country and my own career and I feel very proud to won these title for my country in the field of yoga.

Talking to City news Mr. Khalid Brohi General Secretary Pakistan Yoga Sports Federation and coach of Rose Maria Gill said: it’s a happy moment for Pakistan my country that small girl won the gold medals in two different events in two different places in Asia.

In sports I am since 1994 as and started yoga in 2014. I started yoga to introduce it as a game not as an exercise because most of the people take or use it as an exercise for their body fitness to look slim body person.

We started it self-help basis and still we are continue that similar conditions. Form the government side we have no courage, support and funding till to date. In this current month of March 17-22, we are going to organize a yoga event and Rose Maria Gill will be our chief guest of the event.

Mr. Rasheed Gill (well-known human rights defender) said: being a father and a husband my feelings are high and I feel proud that I have tried to contribute and risein our family and in society.

Mr. Noman Peter a well-wisher of Rose in his comments said: It’s an honor for all the Christians in Pakistan that our young girl Rose Maria Gill proudly raised the name of Christianity in games on Asia level. She did a remarkable job and as a daughter of Pakistan she must be recognized for this achievement.

Mrs. Rashida Gill told City News that she has started her career 19 years as throw ball coach. My special focus is on the health and fitness of woman players.I have trained many girls in sports and set teams, Teams I trained participated in several tournaments on regional and national level. Since last 7 years my throw ball team of Convent of Jesus and Mary School is winner. Right now I am chairperson of Pakistan Ring ball Federation.

I am very thankful to the management of rotary club Karachi for honoring me and my daughter with Inspiring Women Award 2020.

Rev Fr. Asif John, Assistant Parish Priest of St. Michael Parish, New Liyari, said, being a sports man and trainer of basketball, I really appreciate and thank, both mother and daughter for bringing up the name of Christians and our country. He said that they both are inspirations for all the Christian young women and girls in Pakistan. This promotes gender based equality and women’ active role in society.

I would say that they both are the role model for our Christian community giving them vision of coming ahead in every field. I feel proud and happy as i see both of our catholic women keeping the name of Christianity through games nationally and internationally and contributing in the progress of our country.

They both have proved that our Christian girls are not behind in any area, added Rev. Fr. Asif John.

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