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Raheela: A victim survived in acid attack


I Raheela Aslam an acid victim in 2014, 18 years of age I had completed intermediate from Government Girls Degree College, Karachi. 17th July 2015 day before Eid (Holy Festival) night was the worst day for me, it was the day when I lost my face and colorful life when a person threw acid on my face .

Today On 15th March 2020 I’m writing an article on Acid attack, it is a more consequent crime than murder as the girl lives like an alive dead body and mostly young girls affected by the said attacks.

Every victim of acid attack girl thinks that if acid would not be present whose every drop destroyed my life. Acid victim lives alone from the world, she realizes lonely despite of having between numbers of people.

When she goes outside women and children saw her with fearful eyes, She wants to love children but she can not get children near to her because of the burnt face. Usually parents also hide their children from us.

This attitude of society affects our sentiments and we are forced to think about our past and cry.

Mostly Young Girls Suicide after facing acid attack because society ignores us, some are spending their lives in one place like a prisoner. We are forced to spend life worst than death.

Acid Attack spread fear in society, mostly survivors lost vision and have no option to suicide or spend life like a prisoner.

I would like to mention here that mostly the acid attacks occur in cities, not in remote areas or villages. It happens when a girl refuses to make friends or get married.

Through Acid Attack, people are destroying the lives and beautiful faces of young girls.

I am writing this blog because as an acid victim I have faced these issues in my life and still facing it.

There are no strict laws on acid attack due to which accused release easily after spending some time of prison in jail, whereas the acid victim girl spends her whole life with tease and deprived of having happy and colorful life.

(This article was written on Urdu by Raheela Aslam an Acid survivor and translated in English by City News Correspondent Bilal Zafar Solangi)

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