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Rushy gatherings should be avoided, Nasir Hussain Shah


Sindh Government has issued an health advisory for the people which states to avoid rushy gatherings and keeping appropriate distance from others.

Nasir Hussain Shah was addressing the media on gate of Chief Minister House today. He informed that CM Sindh has given orders for the arrangements of food security program and affectees of Corona are rapidly getting recovered as two patients have already defeated the disease.

Nasir advised the people to avoid the public gatherings and rushy meetings. Critisizng the arrangements of screening facilities at Taftan Border Minister said that the test samples of visitors from Taftan border has been been sent to Sukkur from Karachi.

He claerify that the advisory issued for the edicational institutions also applies on all the madarsas across Sindh. Nasir told that CM SInd has allocated funds for food security and people should avoid hoteling. Regarding the banned on marriages in Banequtes Nasir said that the ban tenure could vary but the final decision would be taken in the CEC meeting which will be held on 4th April.

Hussain said the Corona test in not a must for every one as its not an ordinary one. He also stressed to follow the health advisory issued by Sind Government.

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