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The most blazing consideration and centerpiece is enmity.

In an era of mental imprisonment and perseverance man is indulged in degrading and mocking each other because of their differences of thoughts and beliefs which are perceived as biased.

As men, we have lost the temperament of listening each other with patience. Everyone is imposing their perspective on others and if anybody argues will be subjected to blasphemy or called defiant. Prejudice, and no conformity prevail and the weapon of reason and diligence has lost it’s importance, argument has shunned, hostility is embraced, question has rested aside, anything is bashed in the sake of expression without knowing the consequences, malaise will occur.

In strenuous circumstances, revolution, civilization, development of critical thinking and free will cannot be blossomed.

aversion should be replaced with logical and productive debate to the greater extent without being offensive and accepting the evident, following bigots who have engaged them in rituals, act of virtues and evil deeds by acquainting them about reward and punishment, they have disguise and fettered men in prison of fright and greed, if men won’t unfetter it will lead towards insanity, reasonableness has been seized and no one is aware of it.

An individual has lost his importance just because of his own, he hasn’t taken initiative for his betterment, he favours to rest on the shoulders of dogmatist, to whom they have mortgaged their sense seeking a pathway from them, and they took them to the verge of qualm.

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