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Fine Art representatives visit District Jail Malir and organize ceremony


Fine Art representative and expert Teacher Sikander Jogi and Prah Soomro visited District Malir Jail here on yesterday and they met with jail superintendent Malik Aslam where they organized ceremony for prisoners to make aware them about fine art on the co-ordination of jail management in which prisoners took part interestingly and made pictures.

On that occasion Teacher Abdul Lateef said that he has taught about the best ways of surviving good life in his classes in jail in a modern way which should be taught even schools, colleges and universities but sorry to say that they have taken it so simple that’s why men are prey of complexity in society.

IT teacher told that he is teaching student composing and computer teaching in different way so that prisoners can lead good life in society earning with skill after ending their sentence.

On that occasion Jail superintendent Malik Saleem said that prisoners are provided modern facilities where they are having computers and other things of need.

Prah Soomro told that she feels herself delightful to be in jail with prisoners in a ceremony.

She hoped that such type of ceremonies should be organized in jails and opportunities should be provided to them teaching computer and other skills classes so that prisoners can become good citizens of society after earning their requisitions well.

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