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Mehshori Mohala observed holi festival at Murad Memon village


Holi festival is commemorated all over the world in this regards it was also observed at Mehshori Mohala Murad Memon village where People’s Party leaders Murtaza Balouch, Muhammad Saleem Memon, Akhtar Ali Khaskheli, Journalist of Awami Press Club Malir Azad Younus, heads of Mehshori Brotheri and others participated it immensely.

On the occasion of holi festival Mehshori Mohala heads welcomed guests warmly and proffered ajark presents them.

On that occasion PPP leaders Murtaza Balouch, Muhammad Saleem Memon, Akhtar Ali Khaskheli and others expressed their views and said that they are very heartily delightful to be in the holi festival program.

They said that Pakistan People’s Party has ever talked about the rights of minority and struggled to provide them all fundamental facilities.

They said that its PPP mandate that it has given right of leading to minority on national and provincial level and conveyed a massage that we all are Pakistani and PPP is a leading party of all Pakistani.
Heads of minority brotheri Malhsi, Rajesh, Babo, Dev Aanand and others said that they are proud to be Pakistani where they are living their lives independently getting their all fundamental requisitions.

They said that holi festival is celebrated all over the world. They said that they ever pray for their beloved country Pakistan and its peace, defence and prosperity.

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