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Don’t regret till the last breath!


By: Konain Abbas

Disappearing from actuality is accessible when the consequences of insulation are vividly present when there is no other way reserved except confinement, it becomes effortless to take eyes off from uncertainty.

Everyone is waiting for others to initiate and utter, nobody wants to pledge as they are scared of opposition and fear of being alone, they cannot separate themselves from the crowd which consists of people having a common interest and improvident temptations.

The outcome of congregations and gatherings are disgrace, brutality and above all lack of reason, due to which calmness is shunned, nobody wants to listen rather everybody wants to lash without moral principles, In response, they have produced nothing but chaos so that their preachers can benefit from it, there was a period when comrades have achieved gratification Based on patriotism and religious fanaticism.

Master has misled them by intercepting their abilities, occupying their “free will” and projected them according to their desire so that they can march towards their motive of non-progressiveness and spreading ignorance.

They have cleverly disguised men by imposing their perspective on them, it becomes facile when one mutes their senses and rested themselves from thinking, they do not have thought for many years.

They are just rushing mechanically without being, they are satisfied with their PRE conceived imaginations, they don’t want to get teased because they have taken their eyes off, they have gone far away from themselves, they will surely return when nothing could prevail.

(Men) does not accept that anybody betrays them, they outburst when they bear losses, but they never outcry when they rebel their own self, nobody can deceive them despite their own.

They are not conscientious with themselves because they don’t govern on their own, they yield according to their temptations and influences which they cannot disown themselves if they reject their prejudices they will be rested aside and would reach estrangement which is vulnerable to endure.

Individual has to empower and quit themselves from the crowd of insanity which will not earn anything but miser ability.

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