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KDA Employee dies at Workplace Due to alleged delay in Medical Treatment as No doctor available on Official Time


An Employee of Karachi Development Authority died on Wednesday after suffering from a heart attack due to alleged delay in medical treatment, as no doctor was available in the department’s Poly Clinic on the official time and also there was no ambulance to transport him to the nearest hospital.

It was learned that Sohail Abbas an employee of the KDA Works Department suffered from a heart attack and fell down at almost 4:35 Pm during the performance of duty at Civic Center Karachi.

At the moment staff took him to the polyclinic of the department for emergency treatment but no doctor was available, as the doctors were gone away before the closing time.

During this period the said employee expired, workers of Karachi Development Authority-KDA showed anger on the incident and claimed that the said employee died due to the non-availability of doctors in polyclinic.

On the other hand, sources informed that three doctors posted in the department’s polyclinic including one male and two female doctors. Whereas it was also revealed that one of the doctor is relative of Department’s Officer Mr. Qasim because of it the doctor avail special relief as the said official has influence in KDA.

As per the experts if the heart attack patient gets medical assistance in time then he/she could be prevented from death.

After the said incident Employees raised slogans against the management, as due to the irresponsibility of management no doctor and even no ambulance were available.

Whereas, Syed Imran Hussain Jafri Patron in Chief of KDA Watan Parast Union reached on the spot where he urged employees to remain peaceful and later on Secretary KDA came and talked with the protestors, the protesting employees disbursed after the assurance of taking action against the doctors who were not present on the duty on official timings.

On the anonymity of the name, an Officer of KDA informed that the said employee was facing a severe financial crisis due to delay in the payment of salary as reportedly only 30 rupees were found from his pockets.

Sources from the department confirmed that the show cause notices have been issued to all the three doctors who were absent during the official timings.

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