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An untold Story


As a student of Journalism, I have realized that I should have to write on my life experience that how I was tackling the difficult time, through this write-up I am also admitting that just a month back I was suffering from the disease of High Blood Pressure & Severe head pain. I was taking medicines on a daily basis not only just to control BP but also to get sleep. My life was very much disturbed, I was facing several issues at the same time.

I didn’t know how to get rid of these problems, I was feeling alone. I have numbers of friends but I had not shared my issues with any of them, because it’s my attitude to always help everyone and stand with every person in his/her difficult time but usually I don’t get help or disturb my friends for my own work.

The story of change starts from this point, I was invited in five days conference which held in Bhurban , here I got one friend not just a friend she is now my elder sister and I called her usually “Her Excellency”, due to privacy I cannot mention her name.

So I was talking about the person with whom I met in Bhurban, we talked a little bit on the first day, fortunately in the conference organizers divided participants into 6 different groups and now we were in the same group,On the third day we had gone for a visit there we got familiar with each other it was the great day indeed we enjoyed a lot and take numbers of photos.

Then the time flies very fast on the last day of the conference, at night we went for tea outside the hotel. I was thinking to tell her for a detailed meeting in person, I was feeling shy but while coming back to the hotel after tea I told her to give me some time for a discussion she said ok no issue.

It was a late night, but she gave me time I had talked a little bit about some issues related to work and have also made some funny discussions, I felt satisfied when she said that, “Don’t get worried I will support you in getting the job”, It was the saying which I had never heard from anyone in the past, I came back to my room with tears on my eyes. It was the tears of happiness.

On the same night after coming back to the hotel room I texted her that “Her Excellency I want to take breakfast with you tomorrow” she replied yes. Next day morning I awake earlier than call her to get awake and come at lobby for breakfast, she came very late there I was feeling very sad that it was the last day and unfortunately, I have not got chance to get breakfast with her, I asked her that Will we meet again someday in Karachi she replied yes sure, but I knew that she is on a high rank it’s not possible to meet her easily.

After finishing breakfast I asked her that I would like to talk with you in detailed and want to note your experiences, first, she smiled and said now you have started journalists talk, then I told her that no never I want to note only your life experiences that as a woman how you have reached this place and what types of issues you had faced.

Finally, she agreed and we had discussed on various issues of her life from her school education to her professional life, It was her example of confidence on me that she answered all of my questions on a voice recorder, her voice still save on my laptop, I admired from her journey of life it impressed me so much. I still remember her advice , I have no words to express my feelings that how much I impressed by her attitude, love, respect, affection, trust and her saying that “you are my brother”.

I remember her smile and the word which she usually said on the phone call “Shabas” which means Well done.

While coming to Islamabad Airport from the hotel I talk with her, she shared some of her and her children’s memorable pictures.  She also shown me the picture of her brother and told me that you look the same as my brother that’s why I call you my brother.

We take coffee at the Airport then after reaching at Karachi Airport I see of her with lot of memories.

Her support gives me strength, I came home with satisfaction, that’s the reason that nowadays I am not taking stress as whenever I get too much stress I talk with her , She always express best wishes for me and I get satisfied that no problem how much the hard time I am facing , I have support of her as an elder sister.

The issues which I was facing in the past still the same but now I am not taking any stress, I am focusing to enhance my abilities, applying for new jobs and using social media very little bit. Meeting with friends on a daily basis, discussing new ideas, trying to resolve their issues as they are the ones who stand with me in this difficult time.

I am a very sensitive person in terms of making relations with every person with whom I met, i consider him/her like my family member.

In this world you can make millions of friends when your pocket full of money but very few stand with you when you have empty pockets.

My advice for all of you is to focus on the work whatever you are doing and give respect to everyone despite thinking his/her age, race or religion, I hope someday you will also find a best friend and an elder sister which I fortunately get.

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