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Baloch Cultural Day sole initiative of VSH NEWS TV: M.Iqbal Baloch


On the eve of 02nd March 2011, for the first time ever in the history of the country, witnessed the mass processions for Baloch Culture Day, celebrated with great fervor by the Baloch strata of Pakistan’s society in Karachi, Rural Sindh, Southern Punjab, Balochistan, Middle East, Iran, Afghanistan wherever the Baloch populace resides.

To celebrate the Baloch Culture Day was the sole initiation of VSH NEWS TV, which is Pakistan’s largest Balochi language TV news channel, launched in 2009. The channel through its transmission campaign instigated hundreds of thousands to celebrate the day. Moreover, the observance of the Baloch cultural diversity spoke volumes right into the hearts of the fellow compatriots.

The successful exercise of the event propagated an important message about what the celebration of diversity could entail for the nation that has remained neglected and underprivileged, which alike to any other, matters also the most to them, but such segments can be brought closer in speaking the language of their culture.

VSH NEWS TV motive by celebrating the cultural day was to revive and safeguard Baloch language and culture which is among the richest and oldest cultures of the world. Prior to 2011 the rich Baloch language and culture was on the verge of extinction, by repeatedly being misrepresented and underrepresented by the media.

However, it’s also a small effort towards appeasing apparent grievances of the day to day life of the people of #Balochistan, and a first step of the nascent walk to speak heart to heart and bring convergence under the grandiose of national harmony and unity. In transforming this initiative -which was undertaken almost a couple of years back-into a tradition, the team at #VSHNEWSTV envisions and aspires to bring about this noble thought into a concrete reality, Insha Allah, a very happy #Balochcultureday2020

By: Muhammad Iqbal Baloch

(Director VSH News TV)

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