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Revenue & anti-encroachment staff raid on ancient Hamar village


Hamar village Revenue officers and Anti-encroachment staff attacked suddenly with police troops at Hamar village near Pak land cement factory Ghaghar led by Assistant Commissioner and Mukhtiarkar Bin Qasim here on yesterday.

Police personnels entered the village and removed many houses, in the meanwhile women came out from houses with holy quran and urged officers to delay the operation till their men come but officers paid no attention.

On the information men approached their village and resisted the revenue and ant-encroachment staff, police personnel with women and children after that police had lathi charge on villagers and had firing to disperse villagers.

During tussle glasses of police moblie and mukhtiarkar’s vehicle were broken also Assistant Mukhtiarkar Hafeez Narejo and Tapedar AD Laghari and many villagers became injured, after that revenue, anti-encroachment staff and police became failure before the great reaction of villagers.

Villagers jammed national highway and hailed serious slogans against revenue officers after that SP Malir Tahir Noorani arrived there with SHO Steel Town Shakir and negotiated with villagers, SP Malir assured them to have fair investigation regarding matter and got cleared the road.

Revenue officers reached at Steel Town Police Station to get registered the case against villagers.

In this regards villagers Panjal Kalmati, Ameen Kalmati, Ismail Magsi, Molana Majid Chachar and others talked with journalists and said that their village is situated before the establishment of Pakistan and they have sanction order of that also.

They said that Assistant commissioner Bin Qasim Mukhtiarkar has attacked on their village forcibly against which they will knock the door of the court.

On the other hand Assistant Commissioner Manshad Shahani gave his viewpoint that he has operated on village by the order of honorable Supreme Court because land belongs to forests department so they will raid again to remove the occupation.

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