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KU releases national song Tum Ho to pay tribute to Pak armed forces


The prevailing situation in India has once again proved the importance of the two-nation theory, which was the founding principle of the Pakistan Movement, and defines Muslims as a separate nation by every definition.

The then leadership has launched the campaign for a separate country for the Muslims of the subcontinent because they were aware of the fact that Muslims could not live in the region where they would face serious problems in offering their religious practices.

They have the vision through which they have predicted the need for the separate land for the Muslims and the current situation in India has once again proved that the decision and struggle was not a mistake at all.

These views were expressed by the Vice Chancellor University of Karachi Professor Dr Khalid Mahmood Iraqi on Wednesday. He was addressing the launching ceremony of the national song Tum Ho. All deans, President Unikarians International Professor Ejaz Ahmed Faruqi, teachers and students attend the event.

The song was released by the Music Society of the Office of the Students’ Advisor KU. The ceremony was held at the Karachi University Business School, which was arranged to pay tribute to Pakistan armed forces and remembering the capture and release of Abihnandan, pilot of the Indian downed MiG21 plane.

The KU VC Professor Dr Khalid Iraqi observed that the two-nation theory was the need of hour before the creation of Pakistan and the prevailing situation in the region, particularly in India, has once again proved the importance of the two-nation theory.

He shared that minorities in Pakistan have equal and complete rights just like any other Pakistani and the governments and all relevant departments are working tirelessly in this regard. However, he mentioned that the Indian government, its departments, and its policies are not human-friendly and involved in oppressing the minorities, particularly Muslims.

He noted that Pakistan’s armed forces are not protecting us on the borders but also always available whenever the country needs their help. They could be seen on the front during floods, earthquakes, and other natural disasters droughts and law and order situation and other national duties.

He said that citizens along with Pak forces use its all resources to address the challenges and our armed force is one of the most professional forces in the world. He recalled that the Pak Airforce downed the Indian planes and captured one of their pilots but send him back to India safely which clearly shows that we are a peaceful nation and never picked a fight.

“Pakistan is a secure country and so its nuclear weapons. We are not using nuclear technology to pick a fight but using it for a peaceful purpose. Being a responsible nation we know the importance of peace and how to maintain it but we also know how to tackle and deal with intruders.”
He added that Pakistan would use all available resources for the safety of its people and Pakistan never violated the Geneva Convention and always respect all international humanitarian laws and agreements.

Meanwhile, Professor Ejaz Faruqi and KU Students Advisor Dr Syed Asim Ali also spoke on this occasion.

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