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Jamshed Ali Khwaja urges for registration of cases against KWSB Officials under ATA


Residents of Garden East, west, Tharolane and Fish Market headed by Social Activist Jamshed Ali Khwaja staged protest in front of Karachi press club on sunday against KWSB or shortage of water in their areas from a long period.

Speaking on the occasion Jamshed Ali Khwaja stated that, the residents of area are paying utility bills of Karachi Water & Sewerage Board on a regular basis but when they complain over shortage of water then they got harassed by the department.

Moreover he urged for registration of cases under Anti Terrorism Act- ATA against the Managing Director including officials of KWSB.

Whereas he shared that the elected representatives of area are not taking interest for the resolution of residents issues.

However during the protest citizens chanted slogans “Give Water to poors”.

Whereas they hold play cards on which they requested from the president of Pakistan to provide water to the poors.

Large number of women, childrens including residents of the said area were present on the occassion.

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