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Indigenous Rights Alliance observes Faiz Muhammad Gabol’s anniversary


Second anniversary of confronting characters Faiz Muhammad Gabol was organized at Noor Muhammad Gabol village Gadop by Indigenous Rights Alliance here on yesterday in which hundreds of people participated including Behria Town affected villagers, political social leaders and workers.

On that occasion President Indigenous Rights Alliance Usman Balouch addressed that whole Sindh including Malir Karachi is under attack where attackers have commenced occupying on the villager’s ancestors lands.

He further said that war is going on for the entity of Sindh and its culture at present so this is only a reason that construction companies, capitalists and Sindh hostiles have started to control on villagers and occupy their lands led by Behria Town owner Malik Riaz.

He said that when ever it was attacked on Sindhi then nation heros like Dodo, Dolha Daryah Khan, Hosho, Hemoo, and Faiz Muhammad Gabol come and stand like rock before hostiles that’s why centuries have been past but Sindh is situated still with its whole existence.

He said that people of whole Sindh including Malir Karachi have to be united and alert then no one will have bad eye on Sindh, it’s lands and its people.

JSM leader Abdul Khaliq Junejo said that having 80 years of age Faiz Muhammad Gabol fought with courage and bravery and did not sell his land to Malik Riaz, he called mother a land creating new example of loyalty and faithfulness.

Author and Researcher Gul Hassan Kalmati said that nations don’t exist in world whose history, land, language and culture is snatched, many nations are located in world because of their faithful, bold and fearless peoples like Faiz Muhammad Gabol who stands like a stone against nation’s hostiles.

Social representative Khuda Dino Shah said that selfish, opportunist and snobbish people have ruined the Malir Karachi including whole Sindh.

He said that local government elections are very near so game of changing, distributing and adjusting seats in order to get sanction is started.

He said that time has come to contend antagonists by understanding conspiracies, intrigues and plans against Malir including entire Sindh.

On that occasion son of Faiz Muhammad Gabol Murad Bukhsh Gabol, Rukhman Palari, Ayaz Lashari, Hanif Dil Murad, Ilahi Bukhsh Bikik, Hamza Pahanwar, Malik Nadir, Imdad Chachar also addressed

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