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Steel Mills Employee protest over injustice by management


Shaukat Jatt employee of Pakistan Steel Mills who dismissed by the department 19 years back still seeking for reinstatement.

On Wednesday Shaukat Jatt along with his grand childrens staged protest in front of Malir Press Club for reinstatement.

Speaking with media he shared that e was dismissed by the department on the allegation of meeting with Managing Director for the payment of three advance salary of 15 employees.

I had raised voice in 1991 against the privatisation of steel mills and in 2000 tried to stop corruption in the department and served 23 years of life for the department, he added.

Moreover he stated that he had worked for the development of steel mills and in lieu of services was also awarded appreciation certificate from the department.

Future he urged from the Prime Minister of Pakistan and higher authorities for his immediate reinstatement.

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