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Retired Steel Mill workers organize protest for their dues


Retired workers of Pakistan Steel Mill had sit-in near national highway in which party workers of Jamat Islami and retired workers participated it in a great number led by leader of Jamat Islami Naeem-u-Haq, they raised serious mottos against federal government.

On that occasion Naeem-u-Haq addressed that promises of PTI government to provide justice to public have not come true yet and instead of providing fair to public government has violated the rights of workers and poor peoples.He further said that Steel Mill workers have passed 40 years serving Steel Mill but at present they are constrained to beg for their rights, old people are moving about and being lewd from hither and thither but they are not provided justice.

More over he said that Imran Khan had proclaimed at the main entrance of Steel Mill before election that they will pay a dues of retired workers as their government will come but 2 years of his government are about to end but none is done for Steel Mill’s retired workers.

He said that PTI government is specialized in taking u-turn so same strategy they have applied for retired workers.He said that Jamat Islami is with retired workers in their struggle for their rights.

He warned government that if dues of retired workers of Pakistan Steel Mill are not paid soon then they will do serious protest against PTI government.

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