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People of Khosa Mohala face water shortage issues from 2 months


Water shortage problem occurred in Khosa Mohala of Mustafa Society at Memon village due to that 300 houses are deprived of drinking water from 2 months.

In this regards people of Khosa Mohala had protesting demonstration before Awami Press Club Malir against elected local government representatives in a great deal led by Javed Khoso, Waqar Khoso, Ali Sher Laghari, Manthar Chandio an others here on yesterday.

Protesters were hailing slogans against administration fiercely holding banners and play cards in their hands.

On that occasion residents Javed Khoso, Waqar Khoso, Haq Nawaz, Haji Aalam Khoso and others addressed participants of protesting demonstration and said that elected representatives donot understand them human that’s why they have no need to provide them fundamental needs including water, sewerage system, sanitation and others.

They told that early in the morning they go to do the job and women and children becomes coerced to go in search of water taking water’s pots on their head towards for and wide areas.

They said that they have met with district council Karachi chairman Salman Abdullah Murad in the shape of delegation in order to get solved their burning issues so he assured them to resolve their water shortage issue with in a week but it has been passed 2 months to that talk.

They said that contractor made off making half sewerage line cause of that sewerage water is stagnated in streets and houses, also there many issues which their people are facing.

They warned that if their legal and valid issues are not resolved then they will protest and sit before DCK office till solution of their issues.

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