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Complainant against Gutka Mafia succumbed to oral cancer


Nadeem Hussain resident of Malir City, user of Smokeless Tobacco (Gutka) & patient of Oral Cancer has died after fighting with the disease for more than 2 years .

It was learned that the said citizen was also the complainant against Gutka Mafia in Malir City Police Station. The FIR against Gutka Sellers and Producers launched in Malir city police station on 18th December 2019 by her wife , in which she stated that her husband was a user of smokeless tobacco from last three years.

Whereas on 24th December 2017 Nadeem Hussain diagnosed with oral cancer, because of the use of smokeless tobacco , she said in an FIR.

However in an First Information Report she mentioned the names of 15 Smokeless Tobacco (Gutka) Producers & Sellers and urged for the legal action.

Moreover she added that, as her husband is suffering from fatal disease which could take life at any moment.

Mr. Hussain died on Thursday after fighting from the life taking disease from almost more than 2 years, but this is not a first incident numbers of people in Karachi are suffering from oral cancer due to the use of smokeless tobacco.

City News observed that it was the second death of citizen in a month, who was a user of smokeless tobacco and filed complaint against the gutka sellers & producers but still the nominated accuseds in both FIRs are free.

As per the directions of Sindh High Court selling and production of all types of smokeless tobacco banned in Sindh, but still it is available in some parts of the city with highest rates.

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