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Indigenous Rights Alliance called central committee meeting


Indigenous Rights Alliance organized meeting under the presidency of Yousuf Masti Khan here on Yesterday which was participated by Abdul Khaliq Junejo, Usman Balouch, Syed Khuda Dino Shah, Gul Hassan Kalmati, Professor Rukhman Palari, Hafeez Balouch, Shoaib Bikik, Yousuf Khaskheli and others.

Performance of Karachi and central body of Indigenous Rights Alliance Sindh was discussed and also recent occupation of Behria Town Karachi and affected rural areas circumstances were also analyzed.
Abdul Hafeez Balouch proceeded the performance of Karachi Chapter in meeting.
He made aware participants about the attack of Behria Town Karachi on Noor Muhammad Gabol village which has blocked the routes of villagers and desisted the water supply of them, village people issues and other things. He also told about the steps which have been taken by Indigenous Rights Alliance’s legal committee against Behria Town Karachi.

In this respect a decision was taken that visit of all affected villages will be done soon and legal team of Indigenous Rights Alliance’s lawyers will be supported on every step so that villager’s rights should be secured politically and lawfully.

Decision about increasing political efforts was also taken in meeting and statement was cleared that as Behria Town Karachi has removed rivers and mountains and spreading environmental destruction also decided to change rivers into gutter drains by which all lands and villages of Malir will be affected dangerously, so it is decided to aware people and make fast political and legal resistance.

A reactionary man Faiz Muhammad Gabol who fought against Behria Town till his last breath, his character was appreciated in the Indigenous Rights Alliance meeting and his second anniversary ceremony was announced to commemorate on 21 February at late Faiz Muhammad Gabol’s village on 3pm in the form of meeting where not only character of Faiz Muhammad Gabol will be addressed but also settlement of strangers in Behria Town Karachi and DHA will be addressed.

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