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Dr.Nusrat Parveen Sahito: The Inspiring “Iron lady of Sindh”


Dr. Nusrat Parveen Sahito is a passionate educationist committed to helping talented students coming from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, She has supported the dreams of many poor students in Sindh and made it possible for them to earn graduate and undergraduate degrees.

She ensured that talented students have a fair chance to continue their studies, advancing their talents. Sahito is a strong advocate of student voices in Sindh.

Dr. Nusrat Born in District  Naushahro Feroze village Muhammad Baksh Sahito and started her journey of life from this place, Completed Primary & Secondary Education then enrolled at Khairpur University where she did Graduation in Political Science & LLB, Then did Masters in Sindhi Language from Sindh University and also done B. Ed & M.Ed from the same university, However, she has done M.Phil from IQRA University and Ph.D. from Hamdard University Karachi.

Her Career and Services for Education Department :

In 2009 she got Job as a Lecturer in Zubaida Girls College Hyderabad where she performed her job for almost two years, Then 2011 Posted as Assistant District Officer Latifabad District for two years, Served as ADHR Government Colleges for a year, Then Assistant Director Private Institutions of Hyderabad Region where she served for more than six years and now recently posted in Provincial Directorate and Performing her duties as Assistant Director-General Sindh of Inspection & Registration Private Institutions Sindh and also a focal person of Department’s Director-General.

Her Personal Life:  She is a married woman with two children, her husband’s name is Shehzad Ahmed, whereas her daughter’s name is Fizza Minahil and her son’s name is Muhammad Rafay.

“Without the support of family it’s not possible for me to be at this place, especially the support of husband and parents really matters, My Family Members including mother, sisters, and brother always supported me in every moment of life as my father had died earlier, we siblings are supportive for each other”, She added.

On the question of favorite hobbies, Dr. Nusrat informed that she is fond of writing, singing and traveling around the world. Discussing her travel to foreign countries she shared that, “When I visit any country, I wrote the experience on paper and also do its comparison from my country and then would realize the need for betterment”.

Moreover, Miss Sahito informed that She has written numbers of articles and poetries till date, whereas still writing poetry which publish in newspaper with a different name.

“I love my Dharti (Sindh & Pakistan), have got a lot of opportunities to settle and work in foreign countries but I want to live in Pakistan and serve for the citizens of Sindh”, she said.

Dr. Nusrat further stated that her aim in life is to see every child in school, for which she is practically supporting numbers of families in different villages and remote areas of Sindh to get their children’s especially girls enrolled in schools for the better future.

Hinting at the least priority of Girls Education in past days, she adds, “My Primary School was 12 Kilometers far from hometown and I was the one and only girl who got admission in class six other girls were dropout, sometimes I feel fear and awkward and was willing to not go and attend classes alone if anyone from home could not go with me”.

It was learned that her research topic in Ph.D. was focused on the Girl’s education and their rising ratio of drop out from schools.

During the interview she urged that People should have to live happily with a positive approach, don’t be painful for any person, If you can’t do anything right for anyone then you should not do anything wrong for the same person.

Further, she said, I live my life with a positive approach and it’s my thinking that if any person has 10 bad and one or two good habits then I try to highlight his/her best things and habits, which could motivate him/her to be a better citizen.

Her Social Life:  She is Working with Rotary Club from almost 7 Years, first she was part of Naushahro Feroze club then joined Rotary Club Qasimabad was the secretary of education chair and Chairperson of Polio Plus Committee for last and this year, has contributed for polio eradication and setting up medical camps in various parts of district and now she is serving in rotary as President-Elect of Hyderabad and actively participating in activities for social services.

Have you ever been victim of harrasment?

Nusrat Sahito:  I have not face any major incident of harassment but in my career, As a woman face little bit of it, but I think woman is most powerful and no one can do anything wrong with us but I understand that every woman are not bold like me, If woman got harassed in workplace or at home then it got dominancy on her and she face it for a long time.

“My mission of life is to see 100 percent children’s in schools, I am working on it and supporting within my capacity”, she informed.

At last, On the question of her message for future generation, Educationist Dr. Nusrat stated that youth must get part their ways from mobile phone and especially social media which has ended the reading habits and norms of family. She asked youth that use mobile phone only for communication purpose, Obey the directions of your parents and leave bad habits especially quit smoking or chewing any sort of tobacco or drugs because it would affect your life.

The gift of education is immortal and ensures a legacy like no other, benefiting not just one individual but the society, and the world, Even the smallest gift to education can make a tremendous change in the life of a student who travels hours to reach a school, stays late at night to study after a full day of work, or who has big dreams for the future, Dr.Nusrat Sahito said.

In addition, she said, All these contributions can bring changes that will last for years to come and ensure a lifetime legacy that will be remembered and honored not just by individuals but celebrated by everyone.

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