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Drainage system becomes hectic at Malir 15


New constructed road has been destroyed due to carelessness of the Karachi Water and Sewerage Board (KWSB).

On National Highway between the roads from Malir court to Malir Kala Board has completely been destroyed due to lack of attention given by local and Sindh government.

Few months ago in September 2019 drainage system has completely been destroyed in Malir and this was causing main line located at A-1 area showing the picture of a lake.

Local government didn’t take action on time and carpeted the road where a system hasn’t been introduced. Few weeks ago local government decide to inject lines from the back of Malir court to the respective area.

The road has been created in December 2017 with the cost of about 5000 million rupees. National Highway also has a separate drainage system in the middle of the road which also doesn’t have enough capacity to clear water from roads and main holes.

Due to the bad condition of road traffic jam is getting normal in peak hours early morning and evening. According to the shopkeepers,” The highway on both sides got jam due to you turn at malir court and dust in the air is causing problem in this specific belt which is badly affecting the business of Ghanchi Market near bridge”.

Furthermore, they requested UC 10 chairman Akhter Baloch, MPA Mr.Muhammad Saleem Baloch member of Pakistan People’s Party (PPPP) and MNA  Jamil Ahmed Khan from Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) to resolve this serious issue.

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