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Hut of poor widow with luggage burnt at once


A fire incident happened at UC Kotiraro where A cottage of poor widow Khadija wife of Qadir Bukhsh burnt abruptly at Dad Karim village here on yesterday morning by which all the luggage which was into house also burnt and became ashes.

She was crying for help but nobody came to help her out till her house became pile of ashes. She has constrained to live with her children under the sky.

In this respect social activists of village Taj Balouch and Rafiq Balouch told to the journalists that they informed every representative of area about the incident but sorry to say that no body came to help her.

Widow Khadija told that she is the mother of 8 children and does the work of sweeping houses and washing clothes and dishes in houses also work in a field to earn her children’s bread.

She further said that she had only a cottage where she was living with children, it has been ashe so she is without a house now.
She said that no any social and political worker and representative of area has come for financial support of her.

She appealed government of Sindh and other concerned authorities and officers for help in finance and other needs of life

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