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CM Jam Kamal invites corporates to invest in Balochistan


Chief Minister Balochistan Jam Kamal Khan has urged the business community of Karachi to invest in tourism sector of Balochistan addressing the Balochistan tourism seminar organised by GOB in Karachi on Monday.

He said that private sector should invest and explore the beauty of Balochistan especially the not-so-explored beautiful and historical places in Balochistan by tourism.

Talking on the occasion, the Balochistan Chief Minister said we did not need to go abroad for tourism keeping in view the available tourist places across Pakistan.

He requested the corporate sector that funds should be invested in Quetta for promotion of tourism in the Balochistan as the private sector is sole responsible to highlight the tourism instead of investing on wrong places.

The Balochistan CM said those who had been doing efforts to promote tourism in the country should be given the respect they deserved. He had also appreciated the role youth who are promoting tourism in Balochistan by utilizing the social media such on Youtube and Facebook .

He expressed there had been countries in the world likely the total population of Karachi which source of income was only tourism.

He said the people of Karachi often visit different spots within the city while there are several places outside Karachi for tourism. Balochistan has a number of historical spots,mountains which make ideal tourist places, he added.

He said once tourism takes off in Balochistan, then the province’s infrastructure and financial matters will also strengthen.

He pleased over the holding of seminar in Karachi for making Karachiites aware of the prospects of tourism in Balochistan. Jam Kamal said the seminar would “definitely go a long way in promoting tourism” in Balochistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Sindh Culture Minister Syed Sardar Ali Shah expressed gratitude to the Balochistan government for choosing Karachi as a venue for organizing the seminar on tourism.

He advised the Balochistan CM to launch a Sindh-Balochistan Cultural Exchange Programme to explore the tourism in both provinces.

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