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Influential people attacked on Sheikh Mohala near Darsana Chana


Equipped men attacked on Sheikh Mohala situated at Jam Mehr Ali village in Deh Chohar near Darsana Chana in order to vacant it, they attack suddenly and broke into the houses also assaulted women mistreating them, they dragged women by their hair and endeavored to get them out from their houses.

Respectable of village named Pir Bukhsh Sheikh informed police dialing 15 on phone and after that police approached at Sheikh Mohala and tried to nab armed personnel of influential people but they succeeded to escape, after that resident came at Murad Memon police station and get registered NC against them.

On the other hand affected people had a urgent press conference at Awami Press Club Malir also expostulated against sudden attack on their Mohala before press club and hailed hard mottos against raiders also demanded to arrest occupiers and influential persons.

On that occasion Muhammad Raman Sheikh, Pir Bukhsh Sheikh, Hajran Sheikh and other spoke in press conference and told journalists that they have been living in Jam Mehr Ali village from half century making Sheikh Mohala who were settled there by former chairman of old UC Darsana Chana named Haji Ali Bukhsh Jokhio about which former chairman’s grand son PTI local representative Haji Hafeez Jokhio can confirm.

They further said that they were non-muslim, they changed their religion and became muslim just because of good and kind behavior of Haji Ali Bukhsh Jokhio, it has been long time to live their but no any facility has been provided them by government. They said that Instead of providing facilities influential people have attacked on their Mohala in order to seize, Influential persons want to expel them from their Mohala forcibly, they attack on women and misbehave them, recently personnel of influential people Aijaz son of Azizuallah, Muhammad Younus son of Muhammad Ishaq and others entered in houses forcibly and tortured women who were present in houses if police had not come on time they would have ostracized them so this is against of human rights even.
More over they told that some merciful person have provided them bath rooms, solar plates, waters also boundary wall for Mohala which was being constructed today when influential people’s personnel attacked on them.
They appealed government of Sindh, IG Police, SSP Malir, Area’s Cheif MNA Abdul Karim Jokhio and others concerned officers to have legal action against attackers and get them arrested also provide safety to Sheikh Mohala.

PTI representative Haji Abdul Hafeez Jokhio told on contact that he confirms that Sheikh community was provided land by his grand father Haji Ali Bukhsh Jokhio so they are rightful owner of that land. He condemned the attack and demanded from government for their help.

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