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Contract Workers Rehiring issue ;KDA Employees Union demands for formation of High level committee


An Emergency Session of KDA Employees Union held under the supervision of Patron in Chief Navaid Anwer Siddiqui to discuss ban on rehiring of Karachi Development Authority Contract employees.

During the discussion Navaid Anwer condemn the decesion of Management for the ban on Re-hiring of Contract employees. Said employees and their family members are facing severe financial crisis due to non rehiring, he added.

Moreover he asked management to review on its decision as its related to the lives of large numbers of contract employees who were performing their duties with dedication.

Whereas M. Abdul Maroof Spokesman of KDA Employees Union stated that the monthly salary of said employees are around twenty thousand, which estimates 15 Million ruppees per month, however the recovery of department is 5 Million per day.

He claimed that the department could pay the salaries of said employees by the recovery of one or two days.

Dilawar Khan General Secretary of union said that, the union would not bear injustice with contact employees and warned for protest if the said issue would not get resolve.

Further KDA Employees Union in a press statement urged Minister Local Government, Secretary Local Government, Director General KDA and all competent officials for the formation of High level committee to resolve the issues of contract employees.

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