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Three year old innocent saved from child abuse


18 year old Haider took a innocent 3 year old child Iqra toward bathroom in the intention of child abuse here on yesterday when she was playing in street at Muzaffarabad colony, suddenly shopkeepers of area saw him taking child towards the bathroom of mosque and they captured Haider red handed where they batted him severely.

Shopkeepers handed over accused to local Rangers personnel after stern torture. People gathered out side of Rangers Office and demanded to hang accused till death.

Rangers gave over suspect to Quaid Abad Police where police enlisted FIR against the compliance of innocent child Iqra’s maternal uncle.

On that occasion residents of area talked with media men and said that government should have legislation in order to overcome and prevent such type of child abuse incidents from happening.

More over they said that those ferocious people who commit such type of work should be punished painfully and ruthlessly so that incident like it does not occurs.

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