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SSC held protest against suspension of student’s admission


Sindh Students’ Council Karachi zone held a protest on the call from SSC Centre against the Admission suspension of Dawood University Karachi student Sumair Chandio for celebrating the birthday of Sain GM Syed.

Number of SSC leading by Ali Saqlain Chandio, Agha Mubashir and Amar Mansoor marched towards the Karachi Press Club and protested against the act of DUET Karachi Administration.

During address; the Representatives of SSC said that the act of the suspension of admission of student Sumair Chandio for cutting the Birthday cake of the prominent scholar of sindh Sain GM Syed is totally shameful, after banning political activities in the educational institutions of sindh now even the Freedom of Expression is also going towards illegal prohibition.

We are absolutely convinced about these brutal conspiracies against the consciousness of sindh; the pre-planned situations are being created in the sindh’s educational institutions in which there will be no place for Questions, New Ideas, Consciousness and love of motherland sindh for Sindhi students.

Sindh Students’ Council on the behalf of the Sindh’s Nationalist, Progressive Students Federation is clearly warning the DUET Karachi Administration to restore the admission of student Sumair Chandio otherwise the protest movement will be campaigned in all over Sindh.

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