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Equipped men attacked on village with bulldozer near Dumloti


Equipped men attacked on Haji Khan Malah village with bulldozer in afternoon In the boundary of Union Council Kharkharo near Dumloti here on yesterday when men had gone out for job and just women and children were present in village.

Armed men entered in the houses forcibly and obliterated many houses and they wanted to remove all houses but they could not do due to the women’s aggressive resistance and made off with bulldozer.

On the other hand men who had gone on jobs approached village on report and tried to know the matter and then went to complain MNA Jam Abdul Karim led by respectives Dost Muhammad Malah, Ibrahim Malah, Abdul Rasheed Malah and other and informed him about issue after that they reached at Awami Press Club Malir Memon village and had press conference.

They talked in press conference that they have complained to MNA Jam Abdul Karim about a matter had happened to them and told him that raiders Riaz Bakhshani, Pir Mansoor and Jam Sohail had attacked on their village introducing themselves men of MNA Jam Abdul Karim and entered in houses, they disrespected women and misbehaved them.

Villagers told that Jam Abdul Karim condemned a matter and said that he is impartial from this matter and knows nothing about it also confirmed that he has not permitted any one to attack on villagers. They said that Jam Abdul Karim told that he will have justice with villagers taking action against those attackers.

Villagers appealed government of Sindh, IG Sindh, AIG Karachi, SSP and other concerned authorities to have execution against attackers who have razed their houses and also provide villagers protection from raiders.

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