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Discussion on social & political issues of Country at ACP


Parliament is powerless in our country, Public not aware of politics, Balochistan is still on fire today, young citizens are missing” these thoughts were expressed by the former Chief minister Balochistan Dr. Abdul Malik Baloch speaking at the session on social and political issues of the country at Arts Council of Pakistan (ACP).

On this occasion former advocate General Sindh Masood Noorani, Dr. Jaffer Ahmed, Prof. Aijaz Qureshi, Yosuf Masti Khan also expressed their views.

Former chief minister Abdul Malik Baloch said that here if we talk about the truth it is said that we are interfering in ideological assets.

The Balochistan government was in weakest position when it handed over to me,It’s really difficult to say “no” in this country, he added.

Speaking on the occassion Masood Noorani said, prices are getting increased day by day I don’t understand what drama is being played with citizens.

He said that kids are dying in Thar due to shortage of food and there is no one to ask. Highlighting the current situation of Country Prof. Aijaz Qureshi said that federal & provincial governments not having good relationship  is contrary to the current situation, small provinces are suffering from food shortage.

We don’t have any platform to talk. “Now a days, flour crises in Pakistan is one of the biggest issue” he added. Whereas the discussion was moderated by Yonus Mehar.

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