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Bhittai Abad deprives from all Fundamental facilities including Health and Education


After a big genocide of Sindhi people in 1980 disputes at Karachi those people who saved their lives, came to live in wasayo village behind airport and called that place a Bhittai Abad where as per the survey record of Karachi Revenue in 2015 Ali village (Shaho), Shah Muhammad village, Paryo Gudo village were situated in Deh Safooran.

At present Bhittai Abad contains 20 thousands houses who’s population has become more than a lac which has come in problems of health, water, electricity and others progressive works due to the negligence of political, social leaders and elected representatives.

Discussed area is the part of DMC Malir whose yearly budget is 4 billions and UC of it consist on 4 wards whose Chairman is A D Soomro member of KMC and vice Chairman Azmat Zia is a member of DMC.

Awami Press Club Malir Journalists visited Bhittai Abad village on the invitation of local people for survey of area’s issues where residents raised many issues and complaints.
On that occasion Gul Hassan Soomro, Nisar Haider Waghan, Zulqarnain Haider, Abdul Rasheed Khokhar and others told the journalists that Bhittai Abad is a stronghold of Pakistan People’s Party but sorry to say that there is no particular work has been provided to it, area’s MPA of PTI who despaired public wholly but PPP district Malir president Murtaza Baloch, DMC Malir and Union Committee heads showed millions of rupees in documents but not a single work has been done in society.

They blamed on UC Chairman and Vice Chairman that provided water connections from Water Board and Public Health Department have been illegally provided by them to cattle sheds, illegal residency schemes and factories on great amount and also they are earning 25 lacs taking 500 each house as a bribe.

They said that Bhittai Abad’s roads are damaged, every where streets are dumped with garbage and rubbish even building of dispensary is sold after occupation due to that residents are deprived from health facilities.

Residents showed documents of tenders of dispensary, constructed building of it and doctors sitting in different time period to journalists and said that representatives have sold building with conspiracy using party power about which they have written many applications to different departments for inquiry.

They told that there is only a building for school in area where girls and boys are studying shift wise and there is need of another building and also a degree college for populated area.

Gul Hassan Soomro Said that Bhittai Abad’s was spread on 195 acres at the starts from which 35 acres airport officials snatched and removed 200 housed making excuses of safety also brought whole population of Bhittai Abad into a dame situation blocking road which leads to Shara-e-Faisal.

They said that at present influential and opportunists people started occupying and ruining area with their personnel.
Journalists, writer and founder of Sindh Library Javed Mahar, president of SAGA Bhittai Abad Anwar Mehranvi and others told that Bhittai Abad Is a exquisite and glorious area of Sindhies which is being destroyed deliberately, roads were made a year before have been damaged, whole area has been filthy with garbage piles, there is problem for vehicles and ambulances to cross the road.

They said that a big problem is a blocked road which goes through airport to Shara-e-Faisal so government should help them opening that road.

When UC Chairman was phoned regarding issues of area he didn’t received a phone call then journalists went his guest house to take his opinion but could not find him.

On that occasion UC vice chairman Azmat Zia told that DMC Malir has given schemes of 8 crores on my indication including road scheme. On the question against damaged roads within a year he become angry and answered that if roads are damaged so what.

He also talked on the performance of UC Chairman and said that he received fund of 25 lacs and paid 5 lacs per month which he deposits in his bank account and where he spends money he knows well.

He further said that he doesn’t know that what KMC provides him.

Residents demanded from Sindh Government that Bhittai Abad should not be left alone in problems and steps should be taken against corrupt and land grabbers strictly in order to save Bhittai Abad from destruction.

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