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Retired Steel Mill workers stage protest for their dues and remnants


Retired Steel Mill workers had pleading demonstration at Steel Town Stand regarding provision of their dues since 2013 till today . They blocked national highway sitting on road because of that many vehicles and heavy traffic jammed in huge lines.

Protesters were holding banners and play cards in their hands and raising stern slogans against government and Steel Mill Management.

On that occasion organizers of retired workers action committee Abdul Waheed, Maqsood Mirza, Engineer Mohsan Ali Khan, Muhammad Adil Khan, Sheikh Hashim and others addressed that more than 5 thousands workers are waiting to get their dues and remnants whose family members are facing starvation and dearth of food even more than 1 thousand workers have been died cause of mental pressure.

They told criticizing on Prime Minister Imran Khan severely that he had promised to rehabilitate Steel Mill and pay the dues of retired workers before election and still his promises have not come true..

They announced that if their dues and remnants are not paid soon then they will march wearing shrouds. They said that honorable court had issued order paying dues and remnants of retired workers to federal government and it has been a year to that order but dues have not been paid yet.

They appealed United Nations Committee of Human rights and Country Director of International Labour Organization to bind government to pay dues of retired workers of Steel Mill as per Pakistani law.

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