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Country Defence Pir Pagara’s top priority ; Pirzada Yasir Shah


Government, Pakistan Army including all institutions of States are on one page for the security of country, Country defense is on the strongest hands, These views were expressed by Pirzada Yasir Shah Vice President of Pakistan Muslim League Functional while speaking with the delegation of Pakistan Journalist Association.

It was learned that the delegation of Pakistan Journalist Association headed by Iqbal Jutt Karachi Division President met with the leader of Pakistan Muslim League Functional.

Moreover Pir Yasir stated that the indian forces are spreading violence around Line of Control, he urged the International community to take notice of the rising terrorism of Indian forces on the borders.

“PML-F in leadership of Pir Saeen Pagara has always given priority to the country interests”, he added.

He vowed that Pakistan’s every citizen ready to give their lives for the defense of country.

PML-F leader further informed Delegation that, PML-F have played vital role for the defense of state, Hur Force Soldiers have embarrassed Shahadat for the defense of country.

Speaking on the performance of Federal Government he said that PML-F is the ally of federal government and Imran Khan would get rid on financial crisis very soon.

Whereas he shared that to get rid on Corruption every citizen including the institutions of the state should have to play its role.

However he criticized on the Performance of Pakistan Peoples Party and its government in Sindh Province, he said that the Citizens of Sindh are living below the poverty line and the Provincial Government is busy in doing corruption.

Speaking on the issue of downsizing in media industry he said that the federal and provincial government should have take initiatives for the welfare of Journalists.

In the end of meeting Pir Yasir appreciated the role of Pakistan Journalist Association for the betterment of Journalists.

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