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Soomar Ismail Kandani Village became mass of Issues


Soomar Ismail Kandani village has become of mass of issues where occupiers have not only seized land of village but also blocked the routes of villagers and besieged them.

All the roads of village are damaged even there is no land for graveyard, 2 corers were approved for village’s water tank against that no work has been done and money has come in corruption and villagers are drinking sewerage mixed water due to that more than 75 villagers have affected by hepatitis C including women and children these type of views residents of village Zaheer Khaskheli, Kareem Dino Khaskheli, Abdul Rehman, Ali Nawaz and Allah Parayo Khaskheli expressed in press conference at Awami Press Club Malir Memon village here on yesterday.

They told that they are voters of PPP from a long time but their village was spread on more than 9 in the survey number of 234 in 1916 which now consist on 1500 houses and total population is 18 thousands and votes 3400 has been ignored and pushed into issues deliberately.

They said that influential land grabbers and builder mafia have occupied surrounding village and the land which was dedicated especially for graveyard.

They said that their women and girls can no easily pass the village roads because occupiers have seized the routes of villages and surrounded villagers.

They announced that today on Sunday they will have meeting to start movement for the provision of basic right.

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