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Man who committed suicide has passed away


Resident of Benazir Chaok Ibrahim Haidery Labourer Amir Bukhsh S/O Ibrahim Sheikh had burnt him self with patrol due to the poverty who was admitted in hospital day before and he could not tolerate the pain and died away here on yesterday.

Wail and lamentation spread every where when relatives brought dead body of Amir Bukhsh at Ibrahim Haidery, children and widow of deceased wept and mourned alot, deceased dead body was buried at local cemetery.

On that occasion labourer brother Mashooq Sheikh told that his brother is father of 5 children who was in a great tension because of poverty and penury.He further revealed that his brother Amir Bukhsh had written a letter to Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan in which he had appealed for employment expressing his poverty and helplessness.

On the other hand Non Government Organizations and wealthy people had brought warm clothes and others things of need after the suicide of laborious on which area’s people talked criticizing that what is the use of such help after his death but if it was provided before Amir Bukhsh suicide then definitely he would prefer to live alive.

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