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KDA Employees Union urges Nasir Shah for immediate rehiring of Contract Employees


Delegation of KDA Employees Union headed by Patron in Chief Navaid Anwer Siddiqui along with President Nadeem Khokhar, Spokesman Muhammad Abdul Maroof & General Secretary Dilawar Khan met with Nasir Hussain Shah Minister Local Government Sindh on Thursday at Civic Center .

During the meeting KDA Employees Union Patron In Chief urged Minister for the immediate rehiring of Contract employees specially the disable persons, women including security staff.

Navaid Anwer stated that the rehiring of Contract employees is important as those employees have only the way of income from salary of Karachi Development Authority, because of delay in rehiring said employees and their family members are facing severe financial crisis.

He asked Nasir Hussain Shah to order for the rehiring of Contract employees on immediate basis.

A Press Statement issued by KDA Employees Union stated that, the Minister during meeting ordered Director General for the rehiring of disable employees and also promised with the delegation to review the rehiring of other employees.

Whereas the Minister invited KDA Employees Union for meeting.
Later on Navaid Anwer thanked to Minister Local Government and also lauded the decisions of governing body, specially the decesion for the inclusion of Mayor Karachi in KDA Governing body.

It was learned that the session of KDA Governing Body held on Thursday under the presidency of Provincial Minister Nasir Hussain Shah .

KDA Employees Union in a press statement also praised the decisions of Governing body regarding the construction of Parking Plaza in Civic Center, decesion of writing letter to Sindh government for one time grant and decesion of handing over of Director Planning Urban Design to KDA, which was  working under Master plan.

KDA Employees Union also demanded for the inclusion of Master plan department in Karachi Development Authority.

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