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Religious scholar visits IU, emphasizes on humanity and moral character


There is no limit of knowledge, no matter how much knowledge you get, it will always remain incomplete.

IQRA University is established on the divine concept of IQRA from the Holy Quran. I am so honored to visit IQRA University on the invitation of Hunaid Lakhani.

A true believer is one who has the true sense of humanity. Humanity is the pillar of the character. Power, position and physical appearance have no place in character if morality is not there in one’s character.

These views were expressed by renowned global religious scholar Al Shaikh Al Sayyied Afeefuddin Al- Jailani at IQRA University while delivering a Bayan with the students and faculty.

“1250 interpretations of Holy Quran are being done till date, only worshipping isn’t enough, humanity and Amal must also be there. Knowledge, Amal and Morality are the three basic characteristics of a successful person”.

While discussing the country’s condition, he added that we must not blame the political leadership for the problems in the country, we must play our individual role in the country’s progress.

We emphasize so much on Salah but we need to understand the etiquettes of mosque and Salah too.

“We need to focus on the upbringing of our children, there are a lot of societal issues present which disturb our upbringing patterns”.

On the occasion, Hunaid Lakhani who is the founding Chancellor of IQRA University welcomed the scholar and added that humanity is the basic characteristics of our religion. Islam is a complete code of life.

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