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Sindhi Mazdoor Tehreek stages protest rally against Bin Qasim Police alleged victimization


Sindhi Mazdoor Tehreek staged protesting rally led by Awami Tehreek leader Manan Sheikh, Abdul Aziz Langah, UC Pipri councillors Yaqoob Hamaity, Koral Khan Langah and others in which labourers participated immensely holding banners and play cards in their hands and raised severe slogans against the victimization and violation of Bin Qasim Police.

Rally commenced from main Chaok of Pipri and went through many routes and reached at national highway where protesting rally converted into a sitting in.
On that occasion Awami Tehreek Leader Abdul Manan Sheikh, councillor Yaqoob Hamaity, councillor Koral Langah and others addressed the protesting rally and said that worker and labor community is in a critical condition due to expensiveness and unemployment specially those masons who earn a daily wages working on construction of houses and buildings in Pipri where they are being a prey of Bin Qasim Police’s callous and wicked personnel’s victimization and cruelty.

They further said nevertheless of strict instructions of higher police officers police personnel approach a place where legally houses and buildings are built to take bribe after that tussle goes on between owners and police cause of that police arrest workers after severe torture.

Therefore one side human rights are violated and on the other hand hunger and penury have occurred in the houses of laborious due to that their dependents are suffering from hunger.

They warned that if police’s lawlessness is not ceased and indulged personnel in assault on labourers are not brought under custody then they will become constrained to stage sit-in at national highway with thousands workers against the tyranny of Bin Qasim Police.

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