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Govt Policies responsible for Unemployment & Corruption ; APML General Secretary


Umair Shaikh General Secretary of All Pakistan Muslim League – APML Karachi division reject the hike in prices of fuel and electricity and said that these types decisions are exposing the bad governance and policy of government.

He stated that Government is taking the right to live from citizens by raising prices of basic necessities.

He informed that the Apml would take legal action against the hike of electricity prices in Karachi by K-Electric.

This Government have put all the burden of loans on public who are paying taxes on every product even citizens pay tax while buying the match box, he added.

While criticizing the policies of PTI led federal government he said that the government itself doing economical killing of citizens because unemployment and corruption is rising day by day in Pakistan.

Umair Shaikh asked that, County reserves are transferring to foreign countries due to bad policies of government.

Moreover he warned that if the said issues would remain continue then public would move on streets against government, he urged for the immediate redressal of common man issues.

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