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Nation stands with Pakistan Army, Urges Court to review decision; Stage Drama Artists


Stage Drama’s renowned directors, producers, writers and numbers of artists headed by Senior Writer Zahid Shah staged protest in front of Karachi Press Club to express solidarity with Ex. General Parvez Musharraf regarding the decision of special court against him.

Protestors were carrying placards on which Solidarity message for Parvez Musharraf and Pakistan Army was mentioned.

Speaking with the protestors Zahid shah shared that, Parvez Musharraf was the head of reputable institution Pakistan Army and also the President of Pakistan, he has fought numbers of wars for the defense of country and the citizens of Pakistan would never forget his services for the betterment of country.

During the protest PSP Leader Dr. Fouzia including Renowned artists Munawwar Ali, Muhammad Saeed and others also expressed solidarity with Parvez Musharraf and lauded the efforts of Pakistan Army for the betterment of country.

In a Joint Statement Artists stated that, We are living in a sovereign country because of Pakistan Army’s sacrifices, who stay alert on our borders to ensure our safety.

They also said, Courts are one of the reputable institution of state but by the recent decision against Parvez Musharraf Nation has grief.

They appealed to the Honorable Judges of Courts for the review on said decision because every citizen of Pakistan knows that Parvez Musharraf is innocent.

In a joint statement they added that during Parvez Musharraf during his tenure faced internal and external challenges by very well strategy.

Nation stand with Pakistan Army and it would not bear any wrong allegation on former head of this reputable institution, they added.

Renown Drama Artist Munawwar Saeed, Akhtar Sherani, Zakir Mastana, Aftab Alam, Shahid Hashmi, Saima Kanwal, Mona Niaz and large number of artists, producers and people from different walks of life were present on the occasion.

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